100% Export Oriented Readymade Composit Knit and woven Garments Industry

Future Initiatives

YARN MUSEUM (BD) LTD is keen on maintaining its leadership position for ever more years to come! And, while at it, we would also like to become the leading fabric and garment manufacturer using recycled polyester and garment cut waste.

In our continual search for process improvements, we are looking at reducing water consumption in fabric dyeing through more water-frugal processes including the use of dope dyed materials and reopened dyed fabrics waste. This will also help add to our already considerable efforts in environmental management.

We also want to continue to innovate and produce high performance textiles at lower costs by making the most out of the facilities available at our R&D center at Naidupet.

Firmly on our radar are plans to create luxury brands in men's inner wear and ladies leg wear using unique fabrics with high performance. We would like to initially position these brands in the domestic market before looking for international success. We are also actively seeking to increase the share of our finished products' portfolio in our overall turnover.

YARN MUSEUM (BD) LTD would like to maintain its leadership position in the export of safety garments whilst also creating a brand to cater to the domestic safety wear market.

We recognize that happy employees contribute to happy bottom lines and we would like to be ranked amongst the best employee-engaged companies in the country with the use of online data capture, data analysis and collective use of data to drive employee excellence at all levels.