100% Export Oriented Readymade Composit Knit and woven Garments Industry


Quality assurance is carefully imbibed in every process and is every employee's obsession. It begins at the ginnery. YARN MUSEUM (BD) LTD. cotton selectors choose the gins from where Loyal buys its cotton. The cotton is thoroughly tested using HVI instruments and issued for mixing, using a bale management system which ensures a narrow band of average yellowness and micronaire values. Fully equipped quality control labs:

  • High volume cotton testing to ensure that every bale is tested. YARN MUSEUM (BD) LTD. own bale management system is followed while mixing different bales
  • AFIS advanced fiber information system is used to get a clearer picture of the cotton and process slivers
  • Mesdon: For online measurement of naps at carding and cambers at all units
  • Yarn and sliver quality testing machines including fabric simulator with a software to identify the source of defect
  • Tensorapid: Single yarn strength testers to determine the RKM
  • Classimat: Loyal is having Class iQON, an advanced yarn fault detection and classification instrument. Using a combination of Visible Light and Infrared technology, the machine detects fiber mass variations, splice faults and foreign fiber contamination, including white polypropylene. Both cleared and uncleared yarn are tested regularly to identify the faults and based on the test results the process parameters and clearer settings are optimized to get the best quality.

YARN MUSEUM (BD) LTD. uses a combination of cottons from Egypt, Africa and India to produce yarns for different customer specifications. 100% of both knit and woven cloths grey, as well as dyed are inspected before packing.